GXweb-20Why is resurfacing with Revived Interiors the best option for me?

A common question and one I love to answer by first exploring the available options.

A current trend in new kitchens is a natural stone counter. The biggest drawback for most is the high cost. It also requires maintenance and will need to be periodically sealed to avoid staining, a common issue with natural surfaces which can also be more easily scratched making it perhaps not the best option for a home with children.

Another new trend is the butcher block counter. This can also be an expensive option and is extremely high maintenance requiring frequent disinfecting and oiling while being prone to burns and moisture damage making it a poor option for a busy lifestyle.

Laminate is the fail-safe option. It is inexpensive and comes in a variety of colours. Although it is very durable, it is not stain resistant or heat resistant.

So how does Revived Interiors compare?

First, it is applied over an existing surface which saves our landfills. It has a natural stone look without all the maintenance. It comes in a wide variety of colours, is extremely durable, stain resistant, heat resistant and is inexpensive. Very simply, it combines all the best benefits of each option into one product backed by a 2 year warranty and the best customer service in the industry, so why wouldn’t you choose a Revived Interiors surface !