By: Sabrina Essery – Freelance Writer

White and Off-Whites are popular colours to use in kitchens and bathrooms- they create a feeling of cleanliness and spaciousness. And (if you follow the latest trends in home décor) you’ll see a hundred and one websites telling you all about grey being the fastest-rising star in the world of cabinet refinishes and wall colours.

The not-so-alternative trend of passing on colours and going straight for shades of black, white, and grey has opened up a world of possibilities for homeowners, renters, and leasers everywhere. Neutrals tend to have more flexibility than colours, and it’s easy to create whatever look you like with any shade from “virgin snow” to “obsidian”. Have you considered going monochrome?

blackBlack is dramatic and sophisticated. If you don’t want to take a risk by painting your whole room black, try experimenting with a black accent wall.

  • Try combining black walls with black and white antique furniture for a fantasy-esque, Victorian or turn-of-the-century look.
  • Use simple, contemporary white furniture and a small number of bright accents for an edgy, modern look.
  • Use black stain on wood panels or walls covered in woodwork. This will look sophisticated, but never dated.
  • It’s easy to create a minimalist look with black walls- just pick a few big, bold pieces to furnish your room with and avoid clutter. Trendy, but not tacky!

greyGrey is continuing to grow in popularity. While it’s common to see grey as a wood stain or cabinet refinishing, it has a huge range of uses as a wall colour.

  • Medium or darker greys are smoky and collected. Try using them in a study, office, or dining room to give it an air of sophistication and class.
  • Light, airy greys are subtle and romantic. Using them in sunrooms and bedrooms is a great way to take advantage of natural light and create a feeling of elegance and calm.
  • If you want to keep a grey room with monochromatic furniture, try playing with patterns and interesting fabrics to keep the room from looking boring or two-dimensional.
  • Cool colours tend to blend better with grey- but it’s usually easier for the eye to pass them over. Warm colours tend to stand out more, but it’s much easier for them to clash with grey.

whiteWhite is the holy grail for anyone looking to make a room feel cleaner or more spacious. White is clean and fresh.

  • Put a few bold, brightly-coloured pieces of furniture or décor in a white room to make it look energetic and modern. Don’t overdo it, though- you make end up with a room that looks like the inside of a confetti cake!
  • Pick a warm, cool, or black palette for your white room. Making everything white or grey will often look clean, but clinical.
  • Dare to experiment with a white accent wall in a dark room or a colourful ceiling in a white room.
  • If you want to keep a white room looking “grounded”, go for heavier furniture or wood-tone pieces.