for saleThese days buyers are extremely picky in terms of what homes they will view and consider purchasing. With so many homes on the market, there is a lot of competition. Most buyers are looking for a home that is turn key and portrays a modern and upgraded lifestyle. This means the two most important rooms in your home is the kitchen and bathrooms. It’s easy for a purchaser to paint a family room or bedroom and envision their furniture in your space, however if your kitchen and bathrooms look dated, all the purchaser is going to see is how much they need to spend in upgrades.

With Revived Interiors, you can quickly and inexpensively give your home the edge it may need for a quick sale. Re-facing your chipped, stained or simply dated cabinets, countertop or tile is a great way to visually update any kitchen or bathroom. Even if your cabinet, countertop or tile is in great condition, but the colour is dated or bold such as green, blue or pink it can immediately turn off future buyers. Updating to a neutral colour such as our Smokey Granite, Summit Gray or Galaxy stone finish will not only provide a modern neutral backdrop but also anchor the space. In terms of countertop material, generally speaking unless it’s a luxury home and you will get back your full investment returned, granite, quartz or marble is not a practical option. If your home is in an area where these types of upgrades are not normally found nor can the house be priced to allow for that upgrade then it’s better to stick with a simpler solution such as what Revived Interiors can provide. Buyers will appreciate the modern neutral upgrade and you as the seller will easily be able to recoup and possibly increase return on your investment.

Don’t let your kitchen or bathroom leave a negative impression on a potential buyer, call now for your free in-home estimate.