Whether it’s your home or business, it is much more economical and less disruptive to reface an existing surface than to replace it. For a qualified professional, the process is simple and can be done with no or minimal interruption to business. Recently Revived Interiors refaced the front service counter at Nash’s North and in just 5 short hours Colin Nash had a better than new counter. Check out the amazing results and tell us what you think!

Want to know how we completed the transformation?

First, an initial consultation was arranged where Colin Nash and staff selected the Smokey Granite finish as a perfect blend with the current theme. We then agreed on a time to complete the work so there would be no interruption to regular business. On the scheduled day, we arrived early and got set up for the job. The very first step was to completely mask off the area to contain any potential overspray and protect the environment. Once the work area is appropriately contained, the surface needs to be properly prepped. In this case, we sanded the surface to smooth it out and promote adhesion then applied a filler to any gaps in order to create a seamless surface. Once the prep work was done, we were ready to spray the epoxy primer. After the primer was applied, the final step was to blend our specific urethane top coat mix with the multi stone colour selected and complete the spraying.