Cool Colours

By: Sabrina Essery, Freelance Writer

Do you wish your bathroom felt more relaxing? Does your bedroom feel “muddy” or “drained” no matter how well you clean it? Are you looking to enhance the natural light in your kitchen? If any of these sound familiar, it’s time to consider brightening your space up with a cool colour palette. Cool colours have a reputation for being calming and relaxing – however, it’s just as easy to make a room feel rich and luxurious as it is to create a clean, tranquil space with shades of blues, purples, and greens.


Blue is the most productive colour on the spectrum. Blue evokes peacefulness, protection, and sincerity. This makes it a versatile colour that can be used in any room of your home.

  • Pale Blues are light and relaxing; pair them with whites for a clean, “seaside” look, or make use of darker blues to inspire a more nautical feel.
  • Bright Blues are restorative and encouraging; pair them with whites, wood tones, or with lively greens for a fun, stylish look.
  • Dark Blues are thoughtful and focused; pair them with wood tones for a comforting feel, or with a variety of neutrals and lighter blues to keep things looking interesting, but cohesive.


Green is said to encourage health, tranquility, and balance. This makes it a wonderful colour to use in rooms where you’ll spend time relaxing or winding down after a long day, such as the bedroom or the bathroom.

  • Pale Greens are crisp and fresh; pair them whites and grays to play it safe, or play with bright shades of yellow & orange or blue & green to liven things up.
  • Bright Greens are energizing and lively; pair with white for a modern look, or grays, blacks, and subdued shades of green for a tasteful and contemporary look.
  • Dark Greens are rich and decadent; pair them with mild or dark wood tones for a study or office, or with cream-tones and rich purples or blues for a luxurious, sophisticated look.


Purple is believed to inspire spirituality and creativity. Despite being a traditionally “feminine” colour, purple is exceedingly flexible, regardless of what room you use it in. This colour is never a boring choice.

  • Pale Purples are delicate and refreshing; pair them with whites to keep things light, or with black to make a bold statement. Add pale or vibrant greens to add energy or playfulness to a pale purple space.
  • Bright Purples are glamorous and luxurious; pair them with wood tones for a more comfortable look, or neutrals for a cleaner, more modern look.
  • Warm Purples (think wine-coloured and other red-tone purples) are rich and sophisticated; pair them with any wood-tones or neutrals, but experiment with red or orange accents.