By: Sabrina Essery, Freelance Writer

luxury bath

What does it take to create a functionally luxurious bathroom? The aesthetics of your bathroom might make you feel tranquil, but how much resale value will they add to your home? Imagine waking up, grabbing a cup of coffee then heading into your bathroom where you pick up the remote and flip on the weather network as you use your hands-free water-saving faucet to brush your teeth; and as you leave for work, you’re already picturing yourself coming home and walking into your tub for a nice, hot bath before dinner. To learn more about which luxury features also add value, take a look at these functional renovation ideas, keeping in mind if the renovation doesn’t save money, energy, add resale value to your home or make your life easier, they simply didn’t make our list.


Media in the Morning: We all know at least one person who likes to listen to music as they get ready in the morning.  Some of us are that person. Make turning up the volume easier by installing music-friendly tech into your bathroom. You could go all-out and put in an entire surround-sound or ceiling speaker system, or you could keep it simple and stick with some strategically-placed wireless speakers or a docking station. Not a morning person? Consider installing a screen. You can make multi-tasking easy by getting caught up on the news or checking the weather while you’re getting ready for your day. And be honest, how great does watching your favourite show while soaking in a bubble bath sound?


Go Green: You can’t go wrong with water-saving plumbing and fixtures. Tips like, “Don’t run the water while you’re brushing your teeth” or “Don’t take long showers” only go so far. Stop worrying by installing water-saving bathroom fixtures. Did you know that toilets are said to account for 30% of a home’s indoor water use?  Conserve water and energy by looking at low-flow, ultra-low-flow, and dual-flush toilets. Showers on the other hand reportedly account for 20% of all indoor water use. Reduce the energy needed from your water heater and save money by installing a high-efficiency or ultra-low-flow showerhead and don’t forget to install a new, high-efficiency faucet or a water-saving flow restrictor to your existing faucet.


Comfort for All: Shower seats, walk-in bathtubs, vertical bars aren’t just for the elderly or those with limited mobility. Adding these features to your bathroom remodel will not only allow you to age in place, but also add value to your home and they don’t need to look like those bland, monochrome pieces you’re used to seeing. Add style and colour-coordinate with tile, or resurface with a colour and texture of your choice to save money. Integrate them with a seamless look for a more contemporary feel. You might also consider fixtures like comfort-height toilets, side-mount faucets, and no-threshold showers for an easily modern, yet extremely functional bathroom.


For the Furry Folk: It’s easy to make adjustments or tweak your renovation to make life easier for you and your pets. Do you want to keep your cat’s litter box out of sight? Ideas for cleverly hidden compartments are easy to find these days. Inside a faux end table, in a cabinet under the sink, under an in-wall or off-wall shelving unit … the possibilities are virtually endless! What about the family dog? Perhaps your rowdy pup likes to spend time outside and track dirt into the house, or maybe your dog’s breed has special grooming needs? Make it easy to deal with these concerns by installing an extra hand-held shower spray below your regular showerhead. You might not need to schedule and appointment with the groomer next week if you can wash your dog at home!