Have you ever wondered how HGTV’s Property Brothers, Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott, achieved their success? On a recent cruise with these famous twins, I had the opportunity to ask this question to Drew and his response was very simply, “Through a lot of hard work”.  While this was not the glamorous response I was expecting, I appreciated the obvious honesty with which it was said.

When you are in the presence of Drew, Jonathan and big brother JD, you can’t help but feel a little bit of magic in the air. Just what is this secret formula they have to not only draw their fans in, but keep us all coming back for more? Once again, the answer is not very glamorous – they own who they are and stay true to themselves. The Scott brothers are the real deal – what you see is what you get. Drew really is that competitive, Jonathan really is that funny and JD really does know how to throw a good party. Together they display the true meaning of love, support and the importance of family above all else.  It’s clear to anyone who meets them that they not only appreciate their personal success, but they have a genuine desire to use that success to give back.

This was evidenced on the cruise not only by the way they openly interacted with their fans, but in how they supported the other celebrity guests on board like artist Jared Emerson who showcased his incredible talent by creating several pieces of artwork to be auctioned for charity. During a lull in the bidding, Jonathan stepped up and offered to not only have dinner with the owner of the winning bid, but to personally match that bid with all funds being donated to the selected charity.  If only the bidding hadn’t surpassed my budget – next time Jonathan!

We enjoyed many other celebrity guests such as the comedy of Heath Arthur, who’s humour as host of on board events always invoked a lot of laughs and musicians Brandon Lay and Lindsay Broughton who provided concert quality performances. However given our passion for business and design, we most loved the designer workshops and discussion panels. It was such a treat to be able to listen to advice and tips and tricks from famous designers and contractors like Jason Cameron, Kim Myles, the Junk Gypsies and my personal favourite, Jillian Harris.

When I first met Jillian, she was with her boyfriend Justin, and in talking briefly with this lovely couple, Brent and I felt like we had just bumped into old friends at a party. They are both so very genuine and down to earth.  And yes my friends, Jillian is every bit as beautiful in real life as she is on Love it or List it Vancouver.  In her workshops, she shared her incredible style, some basic tips and tricks of the trade and answered every question, no matter what it was, with humour and honesty.

Overall, the cruise was an amazing experience and I would sincerely like to thank Drew and Jonathan and all their celebrity friends for sharing a little piece of themselves with all of us. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to meet all of you, am inspired by your talents and have great respect for your work ethic and especially your shared desire to give back. I hope our paths will cross again one day and wish you all continued success in both your professional and personal lives, may your gratitude always keep you humble!

Shelley Essery

Business Owner – Developer

Revived Interiors


Some love for the Brothers and Jillian from our friends and clients.

Some love for the Brothers and Jillian from our friends and clients.

Drew on Stage

Drew Scott

Door Challenge

Door Decorating Challenge


Love Jonathan and Drew!

Brothers on Stage

The Scotts on Stage

Brandon Lay

Brandon Lay Music

JD thumb up

JD Scott


With Jillian Harris


Time for a drink!


80’s night !

Drew Drinks Jared Emerson Jonathan on Stage