By Sabrina Essery, Freelance Writer

Best of Both Worlds: Kitchen Renovations that are Both Attractive and Useful

Gray cabinets. Wood countertops. Colourful sinks that give character to an otherwise monochrome kitchen.

If you’re looking for the latest trends in kitchen renovations, you’re likely to come across these ideas along with photos of streamlined, contemporary cuisines or minimal, industrial-inspired kitchenettes.

As attractive as these transformations may be, they are purely aesthetic. If you want an update that will not only look beautiful, but add functionality and resale value to your home, look to these trends:

multi tier drawerClever Storage Space: Go a step above drawer organizers and opt for multi-tiered drawers. They’re a fantastic way to maximize storage space without having to entirely remodel your kitchen. Still missing some extra space for food prep? Try looking for a multi-functional sink. The kitchen sink has received quite the facelift in the last ten years, and you can now find sinks with integrated cutting boards, drain racks, colanders, and more.




tv-hoodHigh-Tech Accessories: We have more tools to help us with cooking and entertaining now than we have ever had before. Simple adjustments, such as automatic lights and touchless sink faucets are rapidly becoming more popular. You can now find refrigerators or range hoods that boast a small touch screen or television. As far as equipment goes, you can even find a meat thermometer that will wirelessly connect with your smartphone to let you know when your meal is done. Give your kitchen a futuristic update and let technology do the work so you don’t have to!



deb after web--19Go Green: No matter what colour your kitchen is, it’s both smart and easy to update and renew your kitchen in ways that help the planet. Need some new cabinets or countertops? Look for renewable, recycled, or sustainable wood options. Or even better, consider going with a resurface or repaint of what you already have; it will keep the current parts of your kitchen out of the landfill. Want to go even further? Look for appliances that are water-saving or have labels like Energy Star. When used effectively, these appliances will save both energy and money.






bosch-sideways-door-ovensUniversality: Having a kitchen that’s easy to use can add major resale value to your home. Even if you aren’t planning to sell, features like side-opening ovens, corner carousels, under counter microwaves, and automatic faucets make it much easier to age in your own home. Features like this make cooking easier for children, elderly folk, and those with limited mobility.




led-kitchen-cabinet-lighting-cool-kitchen-cabinets The Almighty LED: LED lighting is more accessible and popular than ever- and with good reason. With an average life of 50,000 hours, these energy-efficient lights come in a huge variety of colours and emit virtually no heat; this means that you can leave them on without having to worry about burning cabinets, walls, or the wandering hands of children. You can install LED lights anywhere- and I mean anywhere. From making toe kicks that serve as nightlights to hiding them in crown molding to create a flood of light on your ceiling, the options are endless.