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Our professional kitchen cabinets refinishing and bathroom vanity refinishing can make your existing cabinets look like new for a fraction of the cost of replacement. No need to buy new kitchen cabinet doors or rip out the old cabinets. We work onsite in your existing kitchen or bathroom layout with minimal fuss and disruption. Cabinet refinishing saves you time, money and stress, and gives you a high quality finish that will last for years.

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At Revived Interiors, we refinish all cabinets with top quality Benjamin Moore ADVANCE® Waterborne Interior Alkyd Paint. You can choose any colour you want from the Benjamin Moore colour wheel, regardless of what the original cabinet door colour is.


It takes us just two days to completely refinish your kitchen or bathroom cabinet boxes (that’s everything apart from the doors). So, you can be back in your kitchen within 36 hours, admiring your new-look cabinet boxes!

DAY 1: We carefully remove all your cabinet doors, which are taken to our refinishing workshop for spraying. We totally mask the surrounding areas of your kitchen, then scuff and prime all your cabinet boxes. We then brush and roll the first coat of gorgeous Benjamin Moore colour on the boxes.

DAY 2: We’ll be in bright and early to brush and roll a second coat of colour, and inspect the cabinets for that smooth quality finish we pride ourselves on. Only when we are 100% satisfied it’s up to our high standards do we unmask the area and clean up.

DAY 3 ONWARDS: Back in our paintshop, your cabinet doors are degreased, sanded, primed and sprayed with two coats of pure colour before being allowed to dry naturally for the best finish.

10-14 DAYS LATER: Once your refinished cabinet doors are fully dry, we return to rehang them and reapply the door hardware, completing the new look of your kitchen.

We had been putting off updating our kitchen and bathroom counter tops for several years, not really because of the cost, but rather the overall inconvenience and time of the entire undertaking… We are a particular couple, ok we really are downright fussy people and we can assure anyone the results are amazing, we wish we had done it years ago. Brent showed up exactly when agreed, his preparation of each room was well done and thoughtful of our furnishings, etc. The job was done in a professional manner, on time as stated. We were left with not only a new surface but a new look and new enthusiasm and appreciation of our home, a real sense of pride of ownership once again. Well done Brent and Shelley, a pleasure doing business with you both.

Pat & Jeff Tillsonburg, Ontario


When you want to renovate your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, you have three choices:

1. Replacement Cabinets: This process can be expensive, time-consuming and leave you without a working kitchen for days or weeks. Replacing kitchen cabinets involves employing someone to tear out all the original cabinet doors and boxes, and rebuild your kitchen with brand new cabinet doors and boxes. Great if you want to totally redesign your kitchen layout, costly if you only want new cabinets (and possibly a new kitchen countertop).

2. Refaced Cabinets: Refacing cabinets involves replacing all your existing cabinet door and drawer fronts, and veneering the exterior of the cabinet boxes. It’s halfway between replacing and refinishing in terms of hassle, and is usually more expensive than refinishing because you are buying new doors and front. Your kitchen or bathroom layout stays the same and the existing cabinet boxes remain in place.

3. Refinished Cabinets: Refinished cabinets are given a whole new lease of life by painting over your current kitchen cabinets, without the need for replacing doors or boxes. Refinishing bathroom vanity units or kitchen cabinets is a simple and inexpensive way to create a whole new look to transforms your kitchen or bathroom without a messy renovation project.

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