Zen Bathrooms !

Zen Bathrooms !

Zen Bathrooms !

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By: Sabrina Essery – Freelance Writer

When you imagine yourself somewhere relaxing, what do you see? Is it a candle-lit spa room? Is it beside a babbling river or inside a forest? Is it a warm cabin boasting a huge fireplace? Wherever your “zen” place is, you should try to emulate it in your bathroom.

If you’re still trying to find out what your perfect retreat looks like, here are a few general tips on how to make your bathroom a personal de-stress zone:


* Colours, as always, play a big part in how you feel about a room. Choose white, grey, or soft, cool colours to create a calming space. Depending on your theme, you can use bright or stimulating colours,  but try to use them only in moderation.





* You would be amazed at how many people feel calmed around water.  To add a water element, try adding a small fountain if you have the space. 

* Speaking of water sounds, a sound system or a small set of speakers would be an excellent investment if you’re a fan of white noise or sounds of nature.






*Bamboo is a clean-looking, low-maintenance plant you can use in your bathroom. Though it doesn’t have the same beauty as leafier or more colourful houseplants, most people tend to immediately associate bamboo with zen gardens, spas, and holistic healing centres and is believed to bring good luck. If you enjoy a touch of nature, but not the whole forest, bamboo is an excellent choice.





* Unless your idea of a perfect retreat involved a rocky cove or a patch of rugged, untamed wilderness, you likely won’t want anything rough-looking in your bathroom. However, rocks and stone do provide natural beauty so choose tumbled stones to support that feeling of calm – whether it’s a smoothed piece of agate or a plain stone inscribed with an inspiring word or phrase, stones are great for bringing an earthy feel to a room.







* Mandalas, anyone? Though they have a specific symbolism and meaning attached to them in Indian religions, the word “mandala” is generically used nowadays to refer to any sort of geometric design that represents the universe. Whether it’s stitched, carved, painted, black and white or popping with colour, mandala imagery has become a popular trend in art and design.






* De-Clutter. This is perhaps the simplest thing you can do to make your bathroom feel more like a safe haven for a tired mind or body. A clean space with minimal or (ideally) no clutter makes you feel much more inclined to lie back and relax. If you have some attractively-bottled liquids, or products you would like to display, consider installing an attractive wall mount or small shelving unit. Your perfumes or colognes might not look that appealing scattered all over your countertop, but you can appreciate how attractive they are when they’re lined up neatly on a shelf.


Once you’re space is designed, all that’s left is to light some candles and relax into the tranquility !

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