Tile Resurfacing by Revived Interiors

Tile Resurfacing by Revived Interiors

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  • Dull kitchen or bathroom tiles showing their age?
  • Good condition tiles, but the wrong colours?
  • Tired of scrubbing mouldy grout?
Shower floor after1Tile resurfacing from Revived Interiors can bring your old tiles back to life with a hygienic, easy to clean finish, to extend their life. What’s more, our super-tough coating keeps the wet out so your tile grout won’t grow mould or get stained by cooking or coloured cosmetics such as shower gels.

It’s like having brand new tiles in your kitchen or bathroom, without the dust and noise of chipping them off the wall, the risk of damage to surrounding areas, or needing to replace the dry wall completely. It also avoids the situation that any new tiles inevitably won’t quite match your bathroom suite or vanity….

With tile resurfacing from Revived Interiors, you can have the colour of tiles you want, for a fraction of the cost of removal and replacement. Our industry-leading resurfacing process is suitable for:
  • Ceramic tile
  • Porcelain tile
  • Bathroom tiles
  • Kitchen tiles
  • Wall tiles
  • Floor tiles
Call us now on 250-590-7215 for more details or a free, no-obligation site visit and quotation for bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, and other tiled areas*.

Lovely range of colours

With a wide range of colours to choose from, you can choose just the right shade you want to complement your existing kitchen or bathroom colour scheme. We can also colour-match with your cabinet colours if required.

Bathroom and kitchen tile resurfacing – how we do it

Since we resurface all your tiles without removing cabinets, vanity units, bathroom fittings or kitchen appliances, you can have good-as-new tiles in as little as three hours!
  • We clean your tiles, remove any silicone caulking, repair any minor cracks, and replace missing grout.
  • We mask off all non-tiled areas, including the floor, and put sheets of plastic up to seal off the work area. We also carefully mask off any kitchen taps, bath or shower fittings, and each sink area.
  • We spray an epoxy primer onto the tile surface to give them an extra adhesive coating.
  • We then apply an ultra-tough polyurethane coating mixed with your choice of paint colour from our stone finish collection.
  • When we’re completely satisfied with the results, we take down all the masking and screening, unwrap the taps, and clean up the work area.
All tile resurfacing by Revived Interiors comes with a 2 year written warranty on both materials and workmanship.

Bathroom Renovations and Kitchen Makeovers

Why not treat your kitchen or bathroom to a complete facelift without the high costs of replacements, including: For more information on how to resurface tiles, or to book your no-obligation site visit and quote, call Revived Interiors on 250-590-7215.

* Please note: our tile resurfacing process is not suitable for swimming pools or other areas that are under water.

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