Countertop Resurfacing by Revived Interiors

Countertop Resurfacing by Revived Interiors

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  • Fed up with your scratched, stained or dull kitchen countertop?
  • Want a new granite countertop but can’t afford the price tag?
  • Need a tough, durable kitchen countertop without replacing your old one?
Kitchen countertop resurfacing can transform any tired old countertop into a gleaming, granite-effect work surface that’s hygienic, easy to clean, and lasts for years. Choose from a range of colours and stone-effect finishes that will make your countertop gleam like real granite, without the high price tag. No need to rip out your old countertop or employ a plumber to disconnect your sink; our expert team resurface countertops in your home with minimal disruption and no mess. And that includes your bathroom countertops too! An hygienic new granite-look countertop without the hassle of replacement Professional countertop resurfacing saves you time, money and stress, and provides a wipe-clean, tough surface that looks like new under normal wear and tear. It’s also:
  • Stain Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Heat resistant to 500 degrees
  • A seamless, smooth finish
  • Hygenic and easy to wipe clean
  • Eco-friendly – nothing to take to landfill
  • Quick and easy – no tear-outs or plumbing required
  • Very cost-effective for kitchen renovation projects
Call us now on 250-590-7215 for more details or a free, no-obligation site visit and quotation that could save you hundreds of dollars on a granite custom countertop. Three great reasons to resurface your kitchen countertop
  1. The look of granite without the weight. New granite countertops that slot over your existing kitchen countertop are very heavy, and you often need to reinforce your kitchen cabinets to cope with the extra weight. Our coatings are applied directly over your existing countertop, vanity or unique surface so you never need to worry about reinforcing your existing cabinets to accommodate a new heavier countertop or vanity.
  1. Economic and eco-friendly. Since we resurface your existing countertop, you don’t have to buy a new one, and your old one gets a new lease of life rather than ending up in a landfill site.
  1. Completed in as little as 3 hours. Our countertop resurfacing service takes just one day MAX from start to finish, with no need to take down cabinets, dismantle sinks or disconnect water supplies.
Wide range of colours and granite effects With a wide range of granite stone finishes and colours to choose from, you can choose the effect you want to complement your kitchen colour scheme.

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Kitchen countertops surfacing – how we do it It takes us just hours to completely resurface your kitchen or bathroom countertop and give it a tough, durable coating that sparkles like real granite.
  • We resurface all countertops without removing the sink, saving you the cost of hiring a plumber to disconnect the sink.
  • We clean your countertop, remove any silicone caulking from around the countertop and make any necessary repairs to the surface.
  • We carefully mask the entire area around the top and bottom of the countertop including the floor, and put sheets of plastic up to screen off the area. We also mask off your taps and sink area.
  • We spray an epoxy primer onto the surface of your old countertop to create an extra adhesive surface.
  • We then apply an ultra-tough polyurethane coating mixed with your choice of stone finish colour. This combination creates your unique one-of-a-kind stone finish combined with incredible durability.
  • When we’re 100% satisfied with the coating, we remove all the masking and clean up the work area as if it were our own home.
  • You can begin using your counter two days after completion.
The final stone-effect finish is extremely durable; scratch resistant, stain resistant and heat resistant to 500 degrees, and similar to the material used on the Alaskan Pipeline! All kitchen and bathroom worktop resurfacing by Revived Interiors comes with a 2 year written warranty on both materials and workmanship. Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations If you’re looking for a shiny new countertop, why not treat your kitchen or bathroom to some of our other money-saving renovation and restoration services, including: And we can do this work at the same time as we resurface your worktop, saving time and disruption too. For more information or to book your no-obligation site visit and quote, call Revived Interiors on 250-590-7215.

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