Fitting a Work Space into a Small Home

Fitting a Work Space into a Small Home

Fitting a Work Space into a Small Home

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By Sabrina Essery, Freelance Writer

Thanks to the sky-high price of housing, fewer and fewer people are able to afford a house to call their own. As a result, more people have to make due with living in an apartment (that they may or may not share with roommates, family members, friends, or partners).

When you only have a studio or a one- or two-bedroom apartment, it can be near impossible to make room for a work space. Whether you work from home or just need a small space to be productive in, here are a few tips to help you incorporate a work space into your small abode.

• Multifunctional pieces of furniture are your friends. If nothing else, they allow you to create more room in your home, which can easily be translated into room for a work space.

• Substituting one piece of furniture for another is one tactic that’s used fairly often with apartment work spaces. Instead of using an end table beside your couch or your bed, use a small desk. Instead of using that console table to display something decorative, buy a chair and make it a work surface. If your apartment has architectural features that you could twist to your benefit (extremely large windowsills, for example), then your work space is already half-done!

• Think about what your need a work space for, and how much room you really need. Do you have a desktop computer and three screens that you need to fit somewhere, or do you just need enough room for a laptop and a paper folder? When you don’t have the space to spare, overcompensating won’t do you any favours.

• Consider using a demilune or a wall-mounted table. They’re usually very compact, but just big enough to fit a laptop and/or a couple of binders or books.

• Try to keep to the same colour and theme as the rest of the room. If you try to “section off” a work area in an already small abode, or use a different aesthetic to distinguish it from the rest of the room, it will likely look more crowded. Keeping with the same colour scheme and patterns tends to keep the room looking cohesive and more spacious.

• Do you have a closet that you aren’t using? Consider remodelling it into a “cloffice”! Closet offices are creative solutions to space management problems. Cloffices can be surprisingly attractive- planning and creating one can be a fun and rewarding experience.

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