• Thinking about a Backsplash?
    Thinking about a Backsplash?
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    By: Sabrina Essery, Freelance Writer Backsplashes are one of the most visually captivating elements of your kitchen. When you install or update a backsplash, it should both represent your aesthetic tastes are and blend in perfectly with the rest of your kitchen. Here are four things to consider when installing a new backsplash: * Height… Read more
  • Go-Green Lighting
    Go-Green Lighting
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    By: Sabrina Essery, Freelance Writer You don’t need to be a huge environmentalist to choose eco-friendly lighting options for your home. Going green in the lighting department may not save the world, but when larger numbers of people choose environmentally-conscious ways of brightening their home, the results are significantly greater! Besides, when it comes to… Read more
  • Introduction to Moulding
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    By Sabrina Essery – Freelance Writer No matter the room, moulding (or molding, as our neighbours in America spell it) just makes everything look nicer. Here’s a short and sweet introduction to this basic, widely-used architectural feature. There are many types of moulding, but these six are the most commonly used: Crown Moulding is used… Read more
  • DIY Nature Décor
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    By: Sabrina Essery, Freelance Writer You’ll often hear that Autumn is the best time to bring the outdoors in when it comes to your décor. However, nothing could be further from the truth! The vibrant flowers sitting on your counter, giving life to your kitchen, remind you to enjoy the warm Spring weather this afternoon…. Read more
  • Alternative Countertop Options
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    By Sabrina Essery – Freelance Writer If you didn’t find inspiration in our last blog about countertop solutions, these options will be sure to give you some ideas! Let these less common, alternative countertops spark your curiosity and get your imagination working! Soapstone Approximate Cost Comparison: $80-100 per square foot * Pros: Durability (its density… Read more

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