• Non-slip Floor Coating

    Keep safe with durable, washable safe non-slip coatings for all types of floor surfaces, inside and outside your home
  • Tile Resurfacing

    The textured feel and soft sheen of brand new stones tiles without the mess and hassle of removing the old ones.
  • Countertop Resurfacing

    A smooth, beautiful durable new countertop surface for the look you want, at a price you’ll love.
  • Cabinet Refinishing

    Smooth, durable finishes to restore and revive your kitchen and bathroom cabinets without replacing them


A whole new look with Revived Interiors

  • Tired of your kitchen cabinets?
  • Hard to clean old or damaged countertop?
  • Bathroom tiles chipped, cracked or just showing their age?

Don’t replace it - reface it!
Bring your kitchen cabinets, countertops and bathroom vanity units or tiles back to life with expert, professional resurfacing and finishing from Revived Interiors.

Our expert team can:

  • Refinish kitchen cabinets
  • Resurface kitchen worktops
  • Refinish bathroom vanities and cabinets
  • Resurface bathroom tiles
  • Add non-slip coatings to floors

Watch our Video Here:

All for a fraction of the cost of replacing doors or adding new countertops, and with a lot less hassle and stress!

No need to move any cabinets, demolish your kitchen, strip off tiles, or call in a plumber - we work in your home with minimal mess and fuss, for amazing results in just one day.

Call us now for a free no obligation discussion and quote, or click below for more details of our expert kitchen and bathroom restoration services:

Why choose Revived Interiors

We’ve been resurfacing and refinishing kitchen cabinets, work surfaces, bathroom tiles and floors for almost five years. We use only the highest quality materials and our workmanship is second to none.

• Most jobs completed in 3-5 hours
• Finishes scratch resistant and stain resistant
• Work surfaces heat resistant up to 500 degrees
• 2 year warranty on material and workmanship
• Local, family-run home renovation company
• Keeps unnecessary waste from our landfills


  • “When we decided to update our bathroom, of course finances had to be considered. One major cost saving was refinishing the tub and ceramic tile instead of replacing. They were original to the house and structurally sound, but almond in colour and very outdated. Brent from Revived Interiors was so professional and efficient. We are very pleased with the outcome and now enjoy our bathroom more than ever before. I would highly recommend them.”  
    Beverley Joffe
  • “We just wanted to write to tell you how pleased we were with the resurfacing of our counters. The kitchen looks fantastic, with the choice of the dark colours for the island, and the lighter colours for the kitchen counters. Our bathroom counters look great too. We have been receiving numerous compliments from our friends and family about them. I would recommend this to anyone who wants their counters to look fabulous, but doesn’t want to pay 5 or 6 times more than we did. Thanks again!”
    David and Toni Marchioni
  • ”At Nash’s North we had an old beat up wood countertop where the customers come to pay for their purchases. It was tired and in need of an overhaul. After looking into a few different concepts of countertops we came across Revived Interiors. Brent & Shelley Essery were an absolute treat to work with from the time they came in to measure the area, to the quoting process, to the completion of the job. The finished product is better than I could have hoped for.”
    Colin R. Nash, Nash Jewellers
  • Our kitchen cabinets were in dire need of an update but we didn’t want to do an entire renovation. We felt re-facing would do the trick and give us a more modern look. We went to the Home Show to find someone to do this for us. To our surprise, no one was willing to only re-face. They were only interested in a complete reno.

    Dagmar and Craig Mccoll
  • “I am overjoyed with my kitchen and bathroom countertops. Going from a ten year old out dated greenish colour to an absolutely beautiful black and white design was the best decision I’ve made. My kitchen looked brand new and my own splash of red has made it a major focus point of my home. Our main bathroom is very vibrant now. Getting the white and beige on my vanity brought out my awesome deep purple paint and renewed the look with no effort from me.”
    Sharon Cole
  • “We had been putting off updating our kitchen and bathroom counter tops for several years, not really because of the cost, but rather the overall inconvenience and time of the entire undertaking… We are a particular couple, ok we really are downright fussy people and we can assure anyone the results are amazing, we wish we had done it years ago. Brent showed up exactly when agreed, his preparation of each room was well done and thoughtful of our furnishings, etc. The job was done in a professional manner, on time as stated. We were left with not only a new surface but a new look and new enthusiasm and appreciation of our home, a real sense of pride of ownership once again. Well done Brent and Shelley, a pleasure doing business with you both.”  
    Pat & Jeff Tillsonburg, Ontario
  • “We absolutely recommend Revived Interiors and the superior customer service and product that Brent and Shelley provide. We were seeking a cost effective update for our bathroom vanity, kitchen counter and tiled shower stall. All were builder basics and after 10 years, were in need of an update. Revived Interiors was a happy find because we received professional service and the high quality end-product that we were seeking but at a fraction of the cost. The compliments have been many and we are thrilled with the results. Highly recommend.”  
    Keith & Sandra Paterson, Ingersoll
  • Brent is especially organized  and very talented.  His work in our kitchen is so professional.  Way to go Shelley and Brent.
    Penny Sawchuk, Ingersoll
  • “Are you like we were, looking at your kitchen, so outdated, drab and so ho-hum? We envisioned granite counter tops, such beauty and elegance, but back to reality, we knew our bank account could not afford the cost of such elegance. Shelley from Revived Interiors showed us the various finishes and colours, and when Brent gave us his quote to do the job, this time we knew our bank account could afford this renovation. …The counter tops were awesome – my wife was completely speechless. She felt the counter tops were fabulous and saw Brent’s words come to life as to how it improved the décor of the kitchen. It is true, don’t replace it, reface it.”
    Ron Pope, Ingersoll
  • Brent did a great job of resurfacing our kitchen counters in June, 2017. We are very pleased with the results. We considered replacing the counters as well as some of the cabinets but our counters should enable us to get much additional life from the existing cabinets.  It was amazing to have the work completed in about 7 hours and not have to have the kitchen torn apart for weeks.  Brent provided great service and was very professional in our dealings with him….. Dave and Lauralee

    Dave and Lauralee

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